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UKWA Warehouse Supervisor CPC

Logistics Learning Alliance has been working in collaboration with UKWA to develop a new Warehouse Supervisor Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Get your Warehouse Supervisor CPC with the help of LLA. 

Designed to complement the UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC programme, this programme is for Supervisors and Team Leaders in the Warehouse sector, and for those aspiring become a Supervisor or Team Leader.  This course covers the key skills the Supervisor will need to build on their technical competence in warehouse operations, leadership and management.

The objective of the programme is to increase the level of expertise for Warehouse Shift Supervisors and Team Leaders through developing their knowledge, awareness and competence.

In response to our customers’ requirements, the UKWA Warehouse Supervisor CPC can also be studied on a modular basis.  The UKWA Warehouse Supervisor CPC has two units to cover, Warehouse Operations and Management & Leadership. Companies have the option to choose which unit they would like their employee to start first.

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